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Hi all.

I am going to follow up with some more information here that my great friend Allan gave with his post entitled “Collaborations: What Do They Look Like? How Do I Make Mine Work? – Part II“. Everything that he said is true in that well worded post. What I wanted to broach was the Bi-weekly meetings he spoke of. They are an excellent time to speak about all different problems we are facing.  Writers block, story line continuity, historical facts, who can get me to the right people for research, etc… etc…  It can be daunting. Hell, I remember Allan and Gabby having to talk me down at one point LOL! Yeah, that’s how frustrated I became with the lack of historical resources I had.

So you can imagine the talks we have. Now we allot ourselves a one hour meeting, but it is truly not uncommon for it to go well beyond one hour. We have even hit the two hour mark and more times than not, it goes to an hour and a half because everyone, and I mean everyone, contributes.Especially Gabby, our Illustrator. While she does not write per se,  however, she does contribute to the cause. She pointed out one faux pas that we had in the story that very well could have come back to bite us, even though it was historically accurate. So Everyone contributes to this challenge everyday. Allan is editing everyday (His writing is over), Gabby is drawing everyday, and I’m trying to get the last few scenes done. Everyday. Here we are at our Bi weekly meeting.


So this is where the brainstorming happens people! I’m at the left. Gabby  (obviously ) bottom right and Allan top right. We take turns driving the meetings. This is normally where we come up with the best “WOW” moments of the story which normally takes the plot in a different direction. So some re-work is in order. I’ve been learning how to re-work plots by using what you have and doing minimal change. (Thank you Allan!). Just like two changes I have to make today and run with it.

While it’s true we have a lot of things going on, Allan with his work and other projects, voice overs, etc… you may want to see here ParaEarths.com. And Gabby’s work at Gabrielle Callan it’s a wonder that we get anything done at all. But we are steadfast in writing the story the correct way. In the way we believe will make you enjoy it, and also teach you a thing or two about history. Because whether you know it or not, yes this is a paranormal fictional book. However, at it’s core, there is an extreme amount of truth about stories you probably never knew about.

So I look forward to Saturday, when we have our next meeting. I’ll report back if there’s anything interesting!!


Until then, Keep writing, and get a good team behind you!



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  1. I miss hanging out with you, but a business meeting is a business meeting.
    Remember, where there are no resources, only a true expert will know if something is off– and you can use their feedback to polish up the second edition.

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