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Hi All!

So, I’ve decided to post here, about how Allan and I are coming along with “The Pass”. The reason being, it is taking a while to come to fruition.

For those that don’t know, this book, and this journey, began purely as a joke. I actually asked Allan to read some material I wrote, to see if it might be publishable. Having written multiple magazine articles, I thought I had a shot. So, we had a Skype session and I joked with him about the names of his books. (Not that they were bad at all! Quite the opposite!) So I stated a strange idea as a joke that sat in his mind and stirred the liquid imagination that only Allan can come up with, and asked that I come up with a sample of my vision of my “joke”.

Well, That got me thinking. What did I start? So I sat down and tried to think, and came up with these simple words.

“Keefer O’Conner sat alone at a table in a New York City Tavern near Five Points. The date was July 18th, 1863”

That was on November Eleventh, 2015 and we have been working on the story ever since.

So, just WHY is it taking so long?

I’ll answer in my own way. Allan might pipe in here as well.

He and I are two totally different people, but almost have the same exact vision (when it comes to this story actually). With the unraveling of our story, we begin to notice how characters grow, or even grow up if you will.

That in and of itself, may change the story line, or the plot at times. Then there are times we NEED a plot line change and I tell you, truth is stranger than fiction. I mean, about 75% of the plots in this book are absolutely true to history, sans the paranormal aspect.

So we need this time for research, and with him working on other projects, and my anal retentive obsession with wanting all pertinent, historical  details correct, it takes a long while.

So , keep with us folks. We are almost out of the gate, with book two well in development as well.

See you then!



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